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Tommy or Johnny or Ronny

Vietnam Mini-Doc

A hybrid documentary about the Vietnam War, my great uncle, and the absurdity of familial shame. Following the anecdotal stories my grandma told me about her brother during Vietnam, this documentary is an attempt at understanding what to do with those darker stories passed down through family.
Stranded Astronaut Productions, 2019 All Rights Reserved

Again (2019)

Immersive Short

“When a person dies, how long is the journey back?” A film about the journey through life, death, and life again. Visuals, music, and editing by Maxfield Biggs. All original footage. Enjoy in VR! Stranded Astronaut 2019, All Rights Reserved

Environmental Horror


"We multiplied and fought and gobbled until there was nothing left, and then we died." -Ursula K. Le Guin Some day, our trash will be the only thing that remains as the monument to our existence on Earth. That day, as Giovanni will soon come to find, might be a little too close for comfort. Stranded Astronaut 2019, All Rights Reserved

Horror Short

But Wait, There's More (2019)

A young woman stays up to watch the infomercials after regular programming ends, but when her apartment starts to reflect the odd, lo-fi nature of said commercials, she'll have to decide how far she'll go to defend her home (and herself).

Stranded Astronaut Productions 2019

Surrealist Ad Spoof

Got Milk? (2018)

Seeking hydration, one thirsty boy turns to the white depths of cow's milk for sustenance. What he gets, however, is much more spiritual.

Directed By Angie Nicholas, Maxfield Biggs, Elis Xhafa, and Haddie Webster / Starring Elis Xhafa

Experimental Short


"We go into holes in the ground, and come out somewhere else"
A surrealist film that moves through morphing visuals and shifting soundscapes, all attempting to induce a cerebral journey for the viewer to have no choice but to be along for. The visuals latch onto images of living, organic substances whilst being pushed along by jarring moments of artifice.

Stranded Astronaut Productions, c. 2018 All Rights reserved.

Official Music Video

fall4u by Akari

Fall4U off the newly released "dreamgarden ep"

Music Video by Maxfield Biggs

Music by Akari