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Those lost in space

Our current team of astronauts, drifting somewhere distantly in the cosmos.

Maxfield Biggs

filmmaker, composer, editor, photographer, & sound designer

From the Silicon Valley, working in Brooklyn, Maxfield Biggs is a Rooftop Films festival judge, editor, filmmaker, and activist. Most commonly found with a coffee in hand, he tries to find time to see as many Cold War era B-movies as possible.

Grégoire Labat


VFX artist based in the Bay Area. When his computer is stuck rendering/compiling he will often use this as en excuse to slack off or grab a snack. 

Tehya Jennett

Producer, Script Supervisor, Environmental Advisor, and Painter

Tehya Jennett, a current Brooklyn resident and San Jose native, works as a producer, script supervisor, and environmental advisor for Stranded Astronaut Films. In her free time, she can be found petting a dog, painting, or fighting climate change through scientific research and activism.